Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 18-25 Readings. "Technology and Teaching Today".

Technology helps Libraries
This article focused on the use of technology and how it has helped librarians.
For example, blogs can be used as diaries. Various people in the community can make brief entries. The benefit of a blog is it can be updated at anytime- hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. It also mentions the ways blogs can be used, mainly for information to clients. Librarians can inform clients on changes, new information on book releases and current events.
One example a blog is useful for is as a professional awareness tool. It helps them stay ahead or can be used to talk about current events in the profession. Podcasts can also be used as training tools to update people in the community. The idea is technology provides a way to bring together the staff and clients. It can help to resolve problems, share information and communicate with the community. With technology librarians are able save money and be more efficient.

How Technology Can Increase Learning
The purpose of the article is to explain how technology can support learning styles. What is interesting is all the ways technology is helpful to students. For example, facilitates the formation of new learning communities, helps students engage and reflect and enhance the overall user experience. It first explains the traditional learning styles prior to technology. Usually teachers were in the class and their to help students move toward their goal. With the expansion of technology, instructors were starting to incorporate new technology into the classroom. For example, Duke university distributed ipods to all their incoming freshman in plans to facilitate learning. Students could use it to download documents and lectures from professors. This way of thinking is great example of adapting to change. Ipods are used by everyone in today’s society with music, why not adapt and use it for learning? The ability to use technology to adapt with students is a great idea. Personally, I love the convience of MP3 format. When I miss church on Sunday, I have the opportunity to download the sermon onto my ipod or listen through a MP3 format. This gives me the option of listening everywhere I go and at anytime. With the great advancements there also are so problems. One example is Wikipedia. With the convience of information, it’s been said that from an education standpoint the information is not completely accurate. Because everyone can subscribe and add to it, it also leaves the option of error. This is not the person’s fault but part of the gift of social networking. Who is printing or saying what. Overall very useful and interesting article.

Social Networking
The last article on social networking had an interesting point regarding age distribution. With the benefits technology has to offer will older generations adapt to the change? Many older individuals are use to doing things one way. They will stay with it because they have done it for so many years. There is nothing wrong with this however, I believe their eyes would open up if they knew about some of the features it could offer. For example, Face book would be great for any older individual to find out what their old high school classmate is doing or locate a colleague in the profession.
Also, the article mentioned the different motivators for social networks. Some are looking for profit such as sites that require monthly charges. Sites like face book and my space are socially motivated. I believe most of the sites seek exposure. The creation of you tube has helped recruiting for players and coaches. Players are able to put on their best games and showcase their talents over the web. Coaches now who cannot fly out to seek recruits play can access video at no cost over you tube. Where five years ago coaches would exclusively see the player in person, with the new technology it has given coaches the opportunity to recruiting over the web.

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