Sunday, June 21, 2009

3 Amigos - Porfolio, Plaxo, and LinkedIN

Out of the three methods, the professional portfolio was most useful. The opportunity to put together a portfolio will be useful for career opportunities. One benefit of an online portfolio is the instant access to others using the internet. Friends, employers and colleagues can view the portfolio instantly. Second, an online portfolio is marketable. Employers can view the applicants personal qualifications in any city, state, or country. In addition, less interviews will have to be organized with the access of the portfolio through the web. Lastly, an online portfolio is easy to update. Rather than making corrections on hard copies, online portfolios have many features and links to enhance the strength of each applicant.
The Plaxo initially resembles facebook. It has nice features such as a calender and page for bookmarking favorite websites. Being a apple user,features such as syncing address and contacts make it convenient for my apple computer and macbook. The negative is competition against sites such as facebook and my space.
Linkedin specializes in network building. Users can stay in contact with friends from high school and college. A nice feature is connecting people with their local school. For example, working at a state institution in Denver, Linkedin locates colleagues and news locally. Another advantage is one can create his or her own network.
After examining all three methods, I found the digital portfolio most beneficial. All have pros, but Plaxo and Linkedin resembled sources previously used. As technological advancements continue learning these sites can be helpful. It's better to know about these options even if we don't use them for future reference. Technology is growing rapidly and the notion of being "old school" when referring to technology is outdated. As beneficiaries of technology, we should embrace and learn the many features it offers for personal benefit. Selecting what sites to use is a challenge in addition to staying current with new advancements. Everything is moving towards technology and after participating in this course, the benefits of technology well over weigh the negatives.

Digital Portfolio

Here is my digital portfolio. I enjoyed putting this together.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Libary Thing

Libary Thing serves as a huge database of books covering all types and genres. Once you type in a keyword or title, it brings up all the books written by that particular author or book with the same title. Some of the books I searched were: Pete Newell, John Maxwell, Tony Dungy and John Wooden. I was surprised to see all the titles that came up. This is an useful resource for book lovers. It can serve well as a book "wish list" readers of all ages.